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4 Factors of Insurance Claims for Your Roof

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A damaged roof is frustrating and inconvenient. You’re likely to want to replace your roof right away, but you might be wondering how much that it will cost. There are insurance policies in place to assist in roof replacements and associated costs, but there are some defining factors that go into determining what kind of insurance claims can be made for your roof.

4 Factors of Insurance Claims for Your Roof

  • Age: Because of the age of the shingles and overall roof, insurance companies can vary between what they will and will not cover. If your roof is old, you should still look into filing an insurance claim. Your insurance company might cover a replacement for your roof, or they might just pay cash value of what your roof is worth. This can happen because of the flexibility of shingles. Newer shingles are easier to repair without causing further damage.
  • Type of damage: Typical roof insurance includes coverage for damage caused by storms, trees, or fires. Often, insurance companies will reimburse the overall amount that it costs to replace a roof that has suffered from extreme weather conditions.
  • Extent of damage: You also need to consider the magnitude of the damage that has been caused. Insurance policies can vary depending on what work needs to be done. If you’re unsure of how damaged your roof is, it’s probably a good idea to have a professional take a look to help assess the damage.

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