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Why You Need to Fix Roof Storm Damage

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Sometimes roofs can suffer damage from age, negligence, and poor installation. However, your roof can be greatly affected by unpredictable and devastating weather. Storms can be particularly nasty and cause a number of problems for your roof and home. Suffering from roof storm damage can be frustrating and potentially lead to further damage if left unchecked. Here are a few reasons why you should call for a professional to look at any storm damage that you might face as soon as possible:

  • Leaks: High winds have the ability to crack or lift the shingles off your roof. Shingles can crack or dent from little pellets of hail. Obviously, if a tree falls on your roof, then you’re definitely facing broken shingles and roof structure. If any of these events occur, you’ll most likely experience leaks from your roof. Your roof won’t be able to protect your home from rainwater, and you’ll find water streaming in where it shouldn’t be.

Why You Need to Fix Roof Storm Damage

  • Mold: If leaks continue, the water can build up and result in an unsavory development. Mold growth can negatively affect your health and cause further problems in your home.
  • Fire hazard: Your home has an entire system of electrical wiring. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t put a blow dryer in a bathtub, and the same principle applies to roof leaks. You shouldn’t allow water to leak in your home without prompt action to fix it, as that can cause extremely hazardous conditions and electrical fires.

It’s better to get your roof looked at sooner rather than later. Call us today at Pro South Roofing for our roof storm damage services.