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Roof Wind Damage, Smyrna, GA

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Our technicians specialize in roof wind damage repair and replacement.

Dealing with roof wind damage is a frustrating situation, and it’s something that should be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. It’s not easy to know when your roof has sustained major damage, although you might notice a few warning signs.

Roof Wind Damage in Smyrna, Georgia

Missing shingles, granules in the gutters, and dark patches that are visible from the ground can all indicate roofing damage. You might also notice patches of light coming through your ceiling or drafty areas in your living space. You can always count on our team at Pro South Roofing to provide roofing service, including repair and replacement.

When it gets windy here in Smyrna, Georgia, the gusts can blow debris into homes and cause significant damage. Flying tree limbs are especially concerning, but high winds can cause them, putting your roof at risk. If there is enough wind, it could even pull the shingles or other roofing materials right off the house, exposing the home to the changing climate conditions.

Our technicians specialize in roof wind damage repair and replacement. We’ll assess the roof after the wind dies down and determine whether the roof needs to be replaced or if can be repaired.

Many homeowners don’t realize that their property insurance will cover roof wind damage service, but we’re experts when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. We’ll handle the claims submission process on your behalf, helping to minimize the already stressful situation. For more information or to request an estimate for roofing service, give us a call.